We Must Produce the Next Generation of Leaders

When I began working, I took a career personality test called Creatrix Inventory. It revealed I was a Practicalizer. A Practicalizer loves to get things done. But, in a bid for speed, they sacrifice excellence on the altar of good. So, they fall short of true brilliance. A few years after, I repeated the test.[…]

Read a Lot and Take Work Home

Here’s some personal advice if you’ve just begun working. Know that, you cannot afford to work at work alone. You should work from home too. Do so, and your supervisor will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your preparedness and the depth of ideas that were cooked at home. This means the value of[…]


Mentoring. The silver bullet that will solve all your problems. The magic elixir that will bestow all knowledge. The master key that will give you business access. Until you realise mentors have their own problems. And, there is no free lunch.

HR Lessons from New Edition

I watched BET’s three-part New Edition series. It reminded me of the urban entrepreneurial scene in Nigeria – a world characterised by shaky partnerships, testosterone fueled decision making, poorly read contracts and few structured brand assets. It brought to mind that Nigeria has an HR problem. If you’re familiar with Nigeria, by now you know[…]

Focus on the Bottom Line!

I once shared that I switched careers from Research and Brand Consulting to Social Media Consulting. But I remain an Executive Director in charge of HR & Knowledge. This gives me a unique perspective. Media content is expensive; maybe not always materially so, but it takes time to create and so, there’s an opportunity cost.[…]

New Job. Old Skills

When I became a social media consultant, I assumed I would excel on the strategy track, because of my background in consulting and research. I did, but something else happened. I would look at brilliant campaigns on social media and think, “I could never envision or produce that.” Heck, I didn’t even think I could[…]

My Career Story

I was 21 years old and a computer illiterate graduate. I had no idea of what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted to do my National Youth Service in Lagos State. I spent 4 years in a North Central Nigerian University, presumably pursuing a science degree, but in actual fact, spending[…]

Becoming a Corporate Brand Asset

Please download my lecture delivered at the Foursquare Nigeria National Youth Week here. In it, I provide invaluable tips for employees who seek to climb the corporate ladder of success.