The Businessman’s Prayer

Lord in my business, help me to use wisdom instead of craftiness; suasion instead of manipulation. May those who accuse me of using my heart instead of my head, be confounded by the financial fruits of my heart. Lord, please let me be chased by those who desire competence and integrity. May my customers forever[…]

Business Growth

The reason why a lot of groundbreaking CEOs seem crazy and weird is because it takes a non-conformist to produce the unusual and new. Therefore, to grow your business, the first step is not looking for funding. It is identifying the non-conformists in your organisation and empowering them with four things – a project, a[…]

Why Brilliant People Remain Loyal

I had a conversation with a friend who runs a mid-sized company. He was worried about training his managers because they typically leave soon after. As I studied 1 Corinthians 3: 5-9 (Message Translation), I gained some understanding into why employees stay with organisations. I used to think employees remain loyal because they find purpose[…]

The Invaluable Role of Middle Level Managers

There comes a time in the life of an executive when you can no longer train and manage new recruits directly. Managing them becomes an inefficient use of your time and equity. When that time comes, I pray you have middle managers to pick up the slack. Middle level managers are the bridge between the history of[…]


I love failure. It’s liberating and horizon expanding. I hate failure. It’s humiliating and demoralising. Nothing bitch-slaps humility into you like failure. For as long as I can remember, I’ve held one leadership role or another. In Primary School, I was class lead for Quantitative Analysis in Math Class, then in Secondary School, I founded our first[…]

Cost of National Distrust

Developed countries run on an incredible amount of trust. You experience it when you use credit cards. You sense it when you arrive at baggage claim after an international flight, and no one checks your tags. (In Nigeria, you are searched and your tags are scrutinised carefully, to ensure you do not steal another’s bags).[…]

Succession Planning

You have spent years building a company. Your pioneer staff have become experts in their respective fields; overseeing critical revenue centres. During the build up to your current status, you opted for a lean and affordable HR structure. In doing so, you failed to recruit and groom successors. Now you’ve reached a growth and innovation ceiling.[…]