Scripture, Minds and Hearts

People sometimes wonder why I have the kind of insights I do. I don’t know if they’ll believe me if I say, it’s largely due to reading the Bible. After all, many uninsightful people read the Bible too. I’ve realised that it’s actually the “way” I read the Bible – my underlying intellect, ideologies and[…]

My Take on the Bible

If you read the Bible without a relationship with Jesus you may lose faith. You’ll read stories without context; words without meaning; historical recollections unsubstantiated by historical facts. The word of God is especially powerful when breathed on by the Spirit, not when taken as mere words. I now understand that the Bible is a[…]

Controversial Scripture

I used to wonder why God did not make scriptures clear and non-controversial in doctrinal interpretation. Sometimes, it seemed like he communicated his word to different readers as multiple-choice scripts instead of closed statements. He put the Holy Spirit in the mix as an interpreter and catalyst. One day, I read a scripture that helped[…]