When some Christians say God’s measure of success is not man’s measure of success, it may be a cop out or excuse for mediocrity. Excellence and success are English words that have generally agreed meanings.

When God was going to build the Tent of Meeting, he chose the very best craftsmen and poured out his spirit on them. When Jesus was twelve, the leading religious minds acknowledged the quality of his scholarship. Paul was both successful before and during ministry. Jesus’ disciples comprised both professionals and artisans. The artisans exhibited such a spirit of excellence after encountering Jesus, that people recognised they had been with him.

It is mind-boggling how many Christians look forward to encountering a heaven forged by a master craftsman – Jesus – yet spurn his values and work ethic.

Even if we debate the monetary attributes of success, let us not be deluded in debating the excellent attributes of success. To do so is disingenuous. In your current field, are you one of the most excellent people there? Do you even try to be?