A Story About Power

This is a true story, as told by a friend.

There was once a young man in University of Ilorin who was in love with a young lady. The lady did not feel the same way and so she kept him in the friend zone. He became a confidante or best friend of sorts. She later dated a “bad boy” on campus.

One day, the lady ran to her best friend, in tears. She was pregnant for the bad boy and needed money to have an abortion. The young man with a cold calculating look in his eye, insisted she must sleep with him first. He said he must “take his turn” and only then would he give her money for an abortion. You see, he never really loved her. He simply “wanted” her but someone else had her first. Now, his desire was to humiliate her.

The moral of the story is you will only know yourself when you wield power over others. I once had an acquaintance who made a habit of dating naıve “small girls” and sleeping with them. He would say of each one, “She’s an adult. She can take care of herself.” I also knew a woman who kept stringing nice guys along whom she never had intentions of dating. These people don’t understand power. More importantly, they do not understand the abuse of power.


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