Study Notes: Romans 3

Like the Jews, some gain early knowledge of God through the genetic lottery of birth – they may be born into a Christian family, for instance. But, ultimately everyone comes to the same place of realising a personal need for forgiveness and salvation. (Verses 1 & 9)

God has always wanted men to want him. Historically, it would seem they have not always done so, which makes the story of Abraham all the more special. To be fair, God took the first step to reveal himself to Abraham but a man who actively befriended God and was willing to sacrifice his son for him must have been something really special for God. (Verse 11)

From verse 12 we see the nature of a life that actively fails to recognise God when he is revealed. It is a hard thing to ignore the one with whom we have to do; the one who fills all in all.

Paul explains from verse 20 that coming to God is not a difficult thing – for we are no longer required to live under the strict dictates of the Law. (Those who lived under the Law were judged according to its requirements, at the time. Therefore, they will not lose their reward and their covenant will not be voided as explained in 31. However, a new constitution is now in effect – Grace.)

God wants to share his life and nature with us. He wants to help us become like him and freely give his righteousness to us. A relationship with God is available to the religious and non-religious alike. Everyone is welcome in whatever state they are in. All that is required is belief in God and trust in him. (Verses 22-24)

Ps: I am using the Amplified Bible in my studies – I enjoy it. If you would like to learn about my God Walk and why I love the Bible, please read this.

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