Study Notes: Romans 2

In the concluding part of Romans 1, Apostle Paul lists a number of things people do when they give in to lusts of the heart.

By chapter 2, he says anyone who is guilty of the things mentioned has no right to judge. I love Paul. He makes no distinction, as people are wont to do, between big sins or little sins. Those who look down on people who practice sexual sins are just as likely to be backbiters, hence they are equally sinners.

By verse 22, Paul cystallizes his central argument about those who judge – instead of being quick to instruct people on how to live, look to your own life to be sure it is in alignment with what you espouse. In verse 24, he tells us that Christians can be the worst public relations agents for God. Because their behaviour is at variance with Christ’s nature, they cause men to insult Christ.

“For, as it is written, The name of God is maligned and blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you!”

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