Study Notes: Romans 1

Verse 1 of Romans chapter 1 opens up with the idea that God gives specific mandates to those who work for him. They progressively become acquainted with their assignments, and someday like Joseph in the Bible, they will look back and realise why God orchestrated the events of their lives the way he did.

In verses 2 & 3, the Bible makes a distinction between the Gospel and Scripture. The Gospel is good news. It is a narration and declaration of a contemporaneous series of events, while scripture is a historical documentation of said events. God is actively reconciling mankind to himself thus the Gospel is always fresh and relevant. Every time God gives you a story to tell, it’s so it can point to Jesus. If he heals you, when you narrate the story, it points people to the source of your healing – Jesus. If the Gospel is news, it must also be communicated using the available media of the day.

Verse 14 captures the sense of privilege, obligation and debt that those who serve God feel. God has given them so much, they have no other course but to give what they have in service to God.

Verses 23 to 32 describe what rejecting God does to a personality (and mind). Rebellion and a refusal to subject oneself to authority structures poisons the soul and fuels self abuse. Indeed the concept of morality presupposes a higher code that you submit to that is outside of you. Without subjection to a code, nothing is off limits. You will not only do evil but also celebrate those who do.

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