Once upon a time, patriarchy ruled the land.
Women were egregiously abused but asked to cover the shame of the men for the sake of the family.
Now, in the space of one generation, women have become “wise”.

Money has become their succour.
Durex tells us they are cheating and abusing too.
Many were quick to crow about the survey results.
Few asked why and how the results came to be.

Now aberrant values are coming for your children.
But instead of calling for a state of sociological emergency, you spend your time shouting, “Men are scum”, “Women are materialistic”, “Feminism rules!”, “I’m the head of the home!”

Nigerians, how do you like the world you created now?
How are you enjoying your parody relationships?

Like a wise man once said, “All I ask is that the bad people marry each other so they can leave the good people for each other.”
As you make your bed, so you will lie on it.