On Women & Sexuality

1. Comfort has as much to do with the individual as the surroundings. If your lace negligee is always getting hooked in the crease of your arse or slipping annoyingly off one shoulder, you’re going to be distracted. Ditch it. Buy clothes that fit; that you’re comfortable in and feel sexy in. Come to terms with your body, one way or an…other. Go for a hairstyle that suits you and that you wear very well. Avoid that elaborate weave that sheds fibres in your man’s eyes and mouth when you’re “doing it”. Insist on clean sheets and an orderly room if they’re things you care about. If romance, wine and candlelight turn you on, initiate or ask for them. Also offer to put together the music playlist, if you have audio preferences. But, the ultimate comfort, I think, is being with a friend. The bedroom is perhaps the worst place to receive criticism. A wrong word can deflate self esteem – yours or his. When you’re with a friend, it’s easier for both of you to state where to touch, how and for how long. Lovemaking ceases to be a competition – there’s no point to prove. Rather, it’s about making each other happy. When you’re with a friend, you play and laugh. Laughter is a great aphrodisiac.

2. Women who work in creative fields or play leadership roles typically have high sex drives. The act of creating or leading produces an adrenaline rush or a need to be nurtured when they’re spent. These feelings can be channeled through great sex. These women also tend to be well read, exposed and open to new experiences. Chances are they’re fuelled by Red Bull and so have er…stamina.