Where Can I Buy Property?

by Subomi Plumptre

A while ago, I published an article on what you should know before buying property. Since then, I have received requests for property I can recommend, from those who wish to buy. I hesitated for a few reasons.

I am a conservative investor. I recommended Money Market Funds because they are guaranteed by Federal Government securities. I recommended FarmCrowdy because it is insured by Leadway Assurance. So for property, I waited until I identified recommendations that I was comfortable with. I finally found a few options that are credible, are promoted by institutions (no “omo onile” wahala) and have a money back “guarantee”, in the event the company fails to secure the relevant government documentation for a few of their properties currently undergoing ratification.

The companies I have identified largely specialise in land acquisition (although they can also build for their clients). They provide a gated layout, perimeter fencing, security, road networks and electrification. Should you decide to commission them to build for you, they provide architectural designs and bills of quantity as value add. I recently met the MD (and attended a workshop) in one of the companies, to fact-check. I was impressed, as he mentioned that they allow payments to be spread over 12 months in some instances.

Here are some of the land options I found:

If you would like more information about these opportunities, you know what to do – send me an email. As always, be prepared to do your due diligence and to be a responsible investor. Er…serious inquiries only. Thank you.

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