Your Private Hell

Where is your soul right now?
To which drum is your heart beating?
What’s modulating the waves in your brain?

How is it that you manage to live in your private hell and still function? How is it possible to hate your world and yourself so much, yet still love others around you?

When did your addiction start? Was it a curiosity or the pill you popped to escape the pain? It was supposed to last a while. You just needed a couple of days of good night’s sleep. You needed to silence the voices in your head. Now you’re stuck in this present continuous place – your own private hell.

When did life become so unbearable? How did trouble learn your name? When did you become the poster child for calamity? When did you and poverty become intimate friends?

When did the shame overwhelm you? When did the shroud of guilt incapacitate you and limit your potential? Lines have been crossed so a few more lines don’t make a difference to you.

When did your friends leave you? Did you ever have any to begin with? No one can hear you and the loneliness is almost killing you. You have been screaming and screaming and your voice is hoarse.

You are tired. Tired of the sameness and the predictability of each day. Nothing changes. Nothing works. You have no hope, no future and no escape.


You are reading this. You are understood. You are cared for. You are being prayed for. You must not give up.

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You are understood. You are cared for. You are being prayed for. Don't give up. Click To Tweet

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