On Worship

If you sing or belong to a choir, it doesn’t mean you should lead worship. For instance, I can write but it would never occur to me to work at a Newspaper. Gifts are typically adapted for specificity of purpose and a generalized gift may not suit a particular purpose.

Some would say that we shouldn’t be moved by our feelings in worship. I don’t know about you but I can tell the difference between when God comes to inhabit the praises of his people and when he’s doing “siddon look” during worship. Every worship leader worth the name knows the difference, spiritualization aside.

Worship is important to God. Every other segment of the service is about people. Worship is about him.

In some services, worship has become like the oft used “Praise the Lord!” statement at events – a way to help people settle down or in the case of worship, a way to wait for latecomers to arrive at church.

I used to lead worship in school where I managed a choir. I was not a natural (choir head or worshipper) so I dreaded leading worship. But one thing I remember clearly is this – I would ask God for help and during the week, he would do something. Names of songs would drop into my spirit which I would write down to create a worship playlist. I could always tell the difference between worship sessions with his playlist and the ones I did by rote.

Lately, I’ve discovered I really don’t connect to God in worship during service anymore. I’m an audiophile and variations in sound/singing distract me and put my nerves on edge. So I’m now writing my worship in the privacy of my bedroom. I write notes to God telling him how I feel about him. That is my new style of worship.

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