Of Old & New Things

I have a love for Jordan’s Crunchy Nut muesli that I cannot fully put into words. I’ve eaten Nasco Cornflakes topped with Jordan’s for years. My love for some foods is consistent and mirrors the way I love people.

If I love someone or something, it grows. I’m yet to grasp the concept of love that fades over time.

The only thing I seem to change regularly is music. I get bored listening to the same songs over and over. Sometimes I also get tired of clothes. I dislike shopping but like new clothes – go figure. I like visiting new countries but cherish favourite destinations as well. I revisit countries when I need to rest my mind as I walk familiar streets. I explore new ones when I want to lose myself in the happiness of novelty. I also crave the newness of the written word – new books and fresh understanding of old books.

Conversation never ever gets old. Companionable silence is peaceful. My friendships are never fueled by activity. If I can’t enjoy someone’s company sipping coffee in a cafe, lounging on a couch, chatting on whatsapp or strolling down the street, I’m unlikely to do so over an expensive dinner.