It’s amazing how people want the best but aren’t willing to pay for it. It’s okay for them to prosper but not those who help them.

These are principles SMEs must imbibe or else they’ll always be afraid to charge for their services and will never aspire to greatness:

1. The fact that you need my services means you can’t do it all and that your success is influenced by the services I provide. Therefore, I am worthy of respect and should be treated like a professional

2. When I come to your company, it never occurs to you to give me your services free; therefore kindly do not expect the same from me

3. If my services can help you make millions of dollars, do not begrudge me if I use the same brain to make billions of dollars for myself. We are both businessmen

4. My charges reflect the value I place on myself and my services. If you don’t want to pay, kindly do not threaten me with walking away. Someone else will pay. Furthermore, you are not the source of my prosperity, God is

5. I may be small today but have plans to be great. Therefore, if you see me driving a new car or flying in first class someday; It is not the money you paid me that facilitated it – I have other clients besides you. Don’t envy me

6. A service provider is not synonymous with servant. How would you like it if your clients looked down on you too?

7. I will never price myself at a loss to please you or because of our relationship. If you really mean well for me, you wouldn’t ask me to commit business suicide