Shajah Emirate, UAE

Shajah is one of 7 emirates in the UAE and is on the eastern coast. Known as the dry emirate, liquor isn’t allowed within its borders. Shajah kinda reminds me of Kubwa (hope I got the spelling right) in Abuja, Nigeria. Accommodation is cheaper there than in Dubai and although it’s technically about 30 minutes away, because of traffic, it’s a 2hr journey during rush hour.

Shajah is the market for 2nd hand stuff in the UAE and you can get household goods at great prices here. They also produce Gas; have solid minerals and rear racing camels.

The tourist attractions are the volcanic mountains and Friday Market (for fruits and carpets). A Guggenheim Museum is also planned. English is not as widely spoken here as in Dubai, but most signs are in Arabic and English.

Fujeirah Emirate, UAE

Fujeirah is another Emirate on the eastern coast of the UAE. It’s a coastal emirate so water sports and fishing are main attractions. You have a choice of a luxury Japanese Resort or the more mainstream Sandy Beach Resort or Rotana Hotel. There’s scuba diving, kayaking and spas.

On an interesting note, I noticed that during the tours, the guides speak both German and English. Is it because Germans are involved in a number of building projects in the UAE or the fact that they just get around a lot?

Sultanate of Oman

The area of Oman that I visited was by the Indian Ocean. Apparently it is one of the most fertile areas in Oman with a lot of dates and “Dongonyaro” trees (Neem Trees). In that particular area, camel milk and flesh is sold and fishing is a major industry.