Okay, I admit it, I’m horny and have explored just about every conventional (and some unconventional) solutions to stay sane, without jumping every bloke I’m attracted to.

To make matters worse, i sometimes work 19 hour days – adrenaline pumping, exciting, knowledge filled days – that leave my body screaming for an outlet. But the resulting tiredness of the day generally precludes most activity based outlets – try doing anything rational when your tired AND horny. Recently, i discovered the soothing powers of music.

Music (particularly new music) engages me. When i hear something i like, i literally stop whatever I’m doing to listen to it. Therefore, it’s a wonderful distraction. It also provides an emotional channel for my swirling internal maelstrom. Finally, it just soothes and rocks me ever so gently or loudly to sleep.

I’m interested in other cure-alls. Anybody with any ideas? And yes, am ALREADY aware of the three-letter and 12-letter options, so get creative, will ya?