Repping the Jesus Brand

In the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is introduced to us as the epitome of wisdom, grace and perfection. By his word, the world was created and intricately designed. He is excellent in thought and in deed.

In scripture, Apostle Paul encourages us to meditate and fill our lives and hearts with the best (and not the worst) of things (Philippians 4:8). No wonder. In an age of multiple media options, what we see, hear and read has a unique ability to program our thoughts and behaviour.

A few days ago, it occurred to me that some Christians are guilty of what I call “media misrepresentation of the brand of Christ”. Growing up, I wrongly assumed Christianity was wretched, mediocre and boring. It was because of the media I was fed – the cheap tracts with terrible design, the low quality, predictable & unimaginative music, the wretched dressing, the nonintellectual reasoning and the ugly visages of discontent, control, busybodism and condemnation. I am an aesthete. Media affects me.

It took attending a church focused on quality and grace to bring me to Christ. I then joined a choir committed to uncompromising high standards and became part of a Christian community of friendly and fun filled people. These things became media to me and represented the true nature of Christ.

The people of Jesus and the materials that represent him are the primary ways through which humanity can be introduced to God. Whether it’s through love, charity, acts of service or visual tokens, endeavour to do everything you do for God with ALL your heart, might, mind and strength. No shortcuts. I will strive to do same.