I have noticed three interesting types of insecurity.

There’s the instance when an insecure person seeks to make others insecure so they can feel better about themselves. They are constantly trying to fit people into boxes; bring them to their level or belittle them.

There’s another I call, “smartest guy in the room syndrome”. You are brilliant in school or consistently come tops at work. One day you meet someone who challenges your ideas. You’re not used to being questioned and so you get angry and push back instead of humbling yourself to accept that you can be taught something new. Some consultants and authority figures are guilty of this. They’ve received so many accolades that they begin to believe their own hype.

There’s one more type of insecurity I would like to highlight. The “you wan pour sand sand for my garri” one. You are wrong about something and someone comes along who tries to correct you. You are less concerned about the truth than the fact that your bullshit is being called out or that the profit you’ve gained from peddling the lie is being threatened.