Believe it or not, these were real city names/landmarks in America. Thankfully many of them have been changed (Culled from: Made in America by Bill Bryson)

Delirium Tremens
You bet
Puke and shitbritches creek
Whiskey dick mountain, Washington
Dead bastard peak, Wyoming
Two tits, Carlifornia
Tickle cunt branch, North Carolina
Coldass creek
Sugar tit
Who’d a thought it, Alabama
Eek, Alaska
What cheer, Iowa
Ok, Kentucky
Bug, Kentucky
Number Nine, Maryland
Tightwad; Peculiar & Jerk trail, Missouri
Hot coffee & Goodfood, Mississipi
Wynot, Nebraska
Knockemstiff; Pee Pee; Lickskillet & Bowlegs, Oklahoma
East due west, South Carolina
Yell; Gizzards Cove & Zu Zu, Tenessee
Chocolate bayou; Jot ’em down & Cut and shoot, Texas
Lick fork; Unthanks & Tizzle flats, Virginia
Superior bottom, West Virginia
Embarrass, Wisconsin