Hanging out with God

When I talk to people about God, I don’t do the Jesus is the Son of God spiel or try to explain doctrines. They are so technical that even Nicodemus a teacher of the Law found them difficult to grasp. Paul, who did his best to explain them also intellectually confounded Peter. God is inclusive and not exclusive. So if you say you’re seeking God, you don’t need to do so my way. As long as you are sincere, God will find you himself. He wants a real relationship with you and wants you to know him for yourself and not just what someone told you. I also never preach what I don’t know. For example, I’ve heard Jesus heals cancer but have never personally experienced it nor do I know anyone who has, so my faith is not yet at that level. I know he heals malaria though. He once woke me up in the middle of the night to bring to my notice that he’d taken care of a nasty bout of malaria that I had. He’s also regulated my blood pressure and gotten me off the surgery table minutes before an operation. So, yes, he heals but he doesn’t seem to heal all the time, at least in my experience.

What I do know of God is that he’s extremely kind. Wow! I’ve experienced his kindness and mercy on a very personal level. He delivered me when I was in confused darkness and told me he loved me. I believed him and was set free. And he’s never left. I’ve enjoyed his largeness of heart; his understanding. He has comforted me when I was most inadequate. He speaks and talks and wants to have conversations. He gets “lonely” and wants to be prioritised. He gets angry and hides himself when taken for granted. I’ve dipped my mind in his intellect and brilliance many times. He has been my teacher and his inspiration fires up my creativity.

God is real to me. Prayer is a struggle, has always been but reading his word is a breeze. I like God’s thoughts. Church wearies me. I can only do it if I take a break every now and then. I don’t understand religion/conformity (and the religious) and I hate crowds. I don’t understand conversations that begin with “by the grace of God” or end with “it is well”. I get very angry very quickly with people who speak in religious metaphors so I respect myself by staying away from them. God has never had a religious conversation with me. We discuss science and politics and business. Sometimes, I tell him about my love life too. We talk about music, culture and social media. I discuss my lectures with him and ask what he’d like me to say. At night, I check in with him and ask what’s important to him at the moment. I ask what he really wants to do in church or with the projects I’m involved in. Many times I’m too tired to speak and I ask him to do the talking for a while and then I read the Bible. Sometimes he speaks, sometimes he doesn’t but it’s okay. We have an entire life ahead of us.

God wants to be real to everyone. He wants to speak to everyone who let’s him. Someone once told me that the best way to build a relationship with God is to build a relationship. Just start. Check in consistently, have conversations, listen to his thoughts or read them. If you set aside a specific time to meet with God, he takes note and one day he will be there waiting for you.

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