God Needs you & so do I

I’m looking for people who are excited about using media to impact this generation. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m passionate about this and even developed a detailed slide deck on the subject here.

I’ve decided to do something beyond just writing & delivering presentations and need your help.

If you:

1. Are excited about Jesus
2. Are excited about telling human stories that inspire, connect, affirm and validate
3. Can financially commit to a cause

Then, please inbox me your email address so I can send the idea to you. (Please use any of the contact links on my website footer.)

Now I have to say this. Please do not inbox me if you’re only curious. Please do not inbox me if you do not have a history of giving or working for a cause or wish to begin to do so now. Please do not inbox me if you only want to contribute ideas.

Thank you people!

Ps: I’m serious about this and already have a committed implementation partner – I dare say the best generational media company in the country. This will get done.

Kindly share.

Unfortunately, I cannot moderate comments on my blog at this time but I invite you to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook