Go and Marry

An individual who responds to every statement by an intelligent woman with, “Go and marry” lacks the mental rigour to respond to facts with counter-facts. Instead, he/she reaches into a malnourished mental arsenal for insults instead of well burnished tools of dialogue.

“Go and marry” is akin to an Engineer having an intelligent conversation with a Doctor about social issues and the Doctor says, “Go and become a Doctor.” This neither relates to the conversation nor advances the argument. It’s even sadder when Christians resort to this depth of stupefaction. Their authorities on marriage – Paul and Jesus – never married or had children. Simply put, inspiration and wisdom trump experience.

To push the analogy further, “Go and marry” is like telling Einstein after he discovered the Theory of Relativity to, “Go and become an established scientist”. “Go and marry” Christian proponents should take some time to study scriptural genealogy. Some people’s contribution to society is that they “lived and died”. Some “begat and died”. Others walked with God; built institutions and changed the course of history through sacrifice. If you strip marriage from the “Go and marry” proponents, I wonder what would be left; what achievements, what significant contributions to the world?

Ponder that.

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