Happiness is counter-intuitive. It aspires to be found in the things you give away and not the things you amass. This makes nonsense of humanity’s grasping nature.

I’m pondering the things we must give up for happiness. I am asking questions.

Are you willing to give up your independence so the Holy Spirit can build character in you to help you impact your world?

Would you resign from a great job so you can follow the only man or woman who ever made you feel happy but lives thousands of miles away?

Would you let go of your childhood fascination with svelte, sexy and beautiful for the one who makes you laugh and makes you whole?

Would you trade sleeping & partying for studying so you can become the best professional in your field?

Would you give up certainty for the unknown so you can move forward?

Would you turn your back on tradition for innovation & progress?

Would you sacrifice comfort for future glory?

What are you willing to give up for your happiness?

Take some time to do an exercise for me. Sit somewhere quiet and try to remember the last time you were happy. I mean, the last moment you felt delirious joy and deep seated fulfillment. What are you willing to give up to get back to that place or to find it in your future? Count the cost and then take the plunge.

I wish you incredible happiness this year; the kind that makes you fall to your knees in gratitude; the type found in true friendship & sincere service.