Study Notes: Ephesians 1 & 2

My Whatsapp group in church recently began studying Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. We study a chapter a day and then share our insights. Yesterday I studied chapter 2. Here are my notes:

Ephesians 2 calls into question the nature of a Christian’s independence (or lack thereof). I have independence in so far as it relates to my right to seek God for myself and to access him directly without intermediaries. But once I become his, I no longer live an “independent” life.

My life becomes grafted into Jesus’ life – one will, one spirit, one power source. I become an appendage of Jesus here on earth. This is humbling yet empowering. What glory and power I carry in His name.

Any time I insist on exerting my independence, I’m “on my own” and risk being unplugged from the source. Therefore, everyday, I must ask of God: Lord, what is YOUR plan for today? What would YOU have me do? I must become attentive to his leading and his instruction. My heart must become tender enough to channel his purposes & passions and his compassion towards others.

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