Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

A look at Google’s top inquiries of 2017, shows that “How to Buy Bitcoin”, came third globally. This surge of interest and the actions that followed, explain why global cryptocurrency exchanges are overwhelmed and why new member verifications, deposits & withdrawals are slow.

Meanwhile, those who invested early, have since recovered their principal and made significant returns.

Cryptocurrency (and more importantly, blockchain technology) is generational. It reminds me of social media and how many misunderstood and mocked it. The importance of cryptocurrency isn’t even primarily linked to Bitcoin or smart contracts. These are but a few of the thousand and one applications of blockchain technology. Instead, it signals a new focus on decentralisation, independence, disruption and equality.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are about a generation determined to create its own tools and reward systems. It is a rebellion against the establishment. It is a world where a “nobody” can become wealthy without knowing anybody. It is about a new generation focused on disrupting economies and governments.

When young people put their minds to creating something revolutionary, you should pay attention.

When young people put their minds to creating something revolutionary, pay attention. Click To Tweet Cryptocurrency is about decentralisation, independence, disruption and equality. Click To Tweet

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