So, you want to build a social media team? I will describe the main building blocks of a team and its essential contributors.

To run an efficient social media unit, you need contributors who take on specific functions. Some functions overlap and in a small team, contributors multitask.

First of all, you need a competent social media manager who’s both left & right brained. He/she should understand the creative process but also be bottom line & result oriented. Your social media manager will set agenda, design strategies & plans, recruit other team members and track the progress of tasks. He/she will be the bridge between the team and the larger organisation and will ensure resources are made available to the team.


Then, you have your Community Manager who engages followers and manages platforms. Your Community Manager is the primary custodian of your platforms and is in charge of content publishing.

Next up, your invaluable Content Developers – the lifeblood of your social media efforts. Your Content Developers are copywriters, video editors, photographers, graphic designers, animators, illustrators, bloggers and so on. They produce content.

Your Administrative Officers research, curate, log and archive content. They develop analytics reports and manage correspondences. They develop budgets and maintain mailing and social media lists/databases.

Finally, you have Amplifiers who comprise influencers and supporters. Amplifers broadcast your content and put it in front of new & relevant audiences. They must be actively courted.

These are the main contributors in a typical social media structure. Here’s an illustrated overview:


Do share any functions I may have left out as well as your own social media structure.

I wish you success on your social media journey.