If engagement is the soul of social media then content is its lifeblood. Without consistent content, there would be little reason for users to visit or return to your social media platform. People come to social media to consume and share content.

Content may be user generated or proprietary. User generated content is cheaper to produce. For example, when you host a fan competition like #ElloBae by Falz Tha Bahd Guy, contributors bear the cost of producing the content they submit, while you provide an aggregation and amplification platform. You may be unable to directly monetise other people’s content unless you were originally commissioned to aggregate it (like MTN Nigeria did with Falz Tha Bahd Guy). However, you can attract eye balls to your platform. You can then monetise via advertising or sales of another product on that same platform. Users typically participate in competitions because they provide a chance to become a star, to be acknowledged or to just say something and have fun!

Proprietary content provides an avenue for personal expression and original thought like Leke Alder’s #Letr2Jack and #Letr2Jil. Video bloggers also realise value via monetisation of their personal Youtube pages if the number of subscribers is significant.

A good starting point for creating content is to ask yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want to provide information; for example, news and data like CNN Breaking News and National Debt Tweets? Do you want to inspire by sharing personal triumphs and wise sayings like Robin Sharma? Do you want to educate by explaining technical concepts like Khan Academy, or do you want to provoke political conversations like Omojuwa? Perhaps you want to entertain like Chigurl?

Once you’re clear about your objective, the next step is to prepare the content.

Choose a format based on what works best on your social media platform – Graphics, audio files, videos, text, photos etc. The format should of course align with what you have the talent for. If you would like to inspire people but can’t write, you’re better off aggregating inspiring quotations by others (and attributing them). If you’re on the move a lot and do not have the patience for writing, you can keep a pictorial diary of your activities on Instagram. You can develop cartoons, sketches or skits – the choice is yours. Just make sure you’re consistent (a subject I dealt with in an earlier blog post).

To amplify your content, you will need followership. I will show you how to build a community of followers in the next edition of The Cs of Social Media.

Till then, I wish you success on your social media journey.