The Cs of Social Media has been running strong for a while now. So far, we’ve covered concept, curation, contributors, creativity, channel and calendar. Be sure to check earlier blog posts to catch up.

The next C is something I fall short of – Consistency.

Competing demands and time constraints will surely conspire to limit your social media output unless you resist them. As a social media professional, you’ve got to live, breathe and think social media. Okay, okay…at least set aside some dedicated time for it daily :).

A lesson that I learned from Ofili Okechukwu may help: “Make up your mind to produce more than you consume on social media.” It might seem like a lofty goal, l but anytime you come on Twitter to read the latest goings-on or on Instagram to check out photos, ask yourself, “Have I contributed something significant to my community or page today? Have I shared knowledge or produced content?”

But, you should strive for balance. Do not substitute pushing out content for engagement – the time you you should spend talking to and acknowledging those who follow you.

A simple tool to help you maintain consistency on Twitter for example, is the scheduling app, Buffer.  Download the app to your phone and install the web clipper to your computer browser.


Set up optimal scheduling times on Buffer based on when your audience is most active online. A tool like Followerwonk analyses your Twitter followers and integrates with Buffer to select optimal times to tweet. Once you’re all buffered up, this is what you should do – Whenever you consume content during the day, look out for items that may interest or help your audience and then Buffer them – add them to your content schedule. Now, a steady stream of helpful and interesting content will appear on your timeline throughout the day. Do the same with your own thoughts or writings.

Finally, Buffer allows you to pull in RSS feeds from blogs. Hootsuite also has the same content scheduling capabilities and they’ve upgraded their user interface to make the app more user friendly.


So, what are you waiting for? Set up your social media scheduling app now and get cracking.

I wish you success on your social media journey.