Today, I’ll begin by describing the foundation for a successful social media initiative – Concept.  Concept is about defining your social media fundamentals: Who is the brand? What does it stand for? What’s the brand personality like? Why does the brand want to use social media?

Whether you’re using social media for yourself or for an organisation, these questions matter. So let’s explore each of them.

Who is the brand?

Nike is a multi-sector sports brand and so its strategy is to have a different social media platform for each sport it caters to. Nike has distinct platforms for Soccer, Basketball and Golf to name a few, and the audiences and markets are different.
Understanding your brand and its architecture will help you design a social media strategy that is best suited to it. Remember, social media is not an orphan. It must fit into your overall brand and business strategies.

What does the brand stand for?

Virgin stands for adventure, rebellion and disruption! Its social media expressions align with these concepts and they keep pushing the boundaries of creativity. Check out this Virgin Youtube series on Disruption  or this raucous video on the inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic’s new Dreamliner.

What’s the brand personality like?

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is secretive by nature. No wonder its first tweet was delightfully cryptic.
At the time of this post, the tweet had over 300,000 retweets.

You are allowed to be yourself on social media. For example, no one insults quite like Piers Morgan on Twitter. He’s true to his brand personality. In defining your social media personality, you may explore the Personality Range to see what kind of style and tone of voice to employ.

Social Media Personality Range

Finally, why do you want to use social media?  You must set clear objectives. That way, you can assess whether you’re meeting them or if you need to refine them. Some social media objectives include the following:

Social media objectives

Now, you may tweet at me if you have any questions. I’ll be more than happy to explain further.

I wish you success on your social media journey.