The Collector

I had a conversation with a dear friend about the things he collects. He curates fashion accessories.

He asked what I collect. Bags? Shoes? Cars? For the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything. I don’t accumulate anything. Worse still, I discovered after many years of seeking comfort in food that I’m not even a foodie. Besides toasted muesli and chinchin, I’m not passionate about any type of food. I’m a culinary agnostic.

If I were to start collecting something, it would be space – wide open spaces and light. I feel joy when I step into a really big room with minimal furniture and neutral colours. I dislike clutter and superfluous items with no clear function.

I want to collect people too – deep meaningful intellectually delightful friendships. And knowledge – the wisdom that comes from books, training and God’s exquisite mind. I have a deep desire to learn.

A few days ago, I started cleaning out my room. I gave out clothes, shoes and bags. I also cleaned up my bookshelf. I gave out my dictionary, concordance and bibles. it’s amazing how all these things are now apps on my phone. I made up my mind this year to buy a dedicated tablet for Bible study. I need WiFi for cross-referencing but don’t want the annoying pop ups from God-only-knows how many apps I use on my phone. I just need my Bible & Evernote on my tablet and Google.

I have a few physical journals from the last couple of years and can feel the irritation building over the space they currently occupy in my bookshelf – clutter. I want my notes in digital format, going forward – no clutter. I buy quite a few books but never write my name in them to signify ownership. This will make it easier to gift them as they take up space, though that was never my intention. I just don’t bother to write my name.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s alright to collect things. By all means, buy anything that gives you inexplicable joy. Purchase them just to look at and because you can afford them. You need not use them. Joy is a function in itself. Happiness is a good enough reason.

In addition to the things that give you joy; this year, really dig deep to discover something about yourself. Find out what God has graced in your life – the thing he’s put his Spirit on and made easy for you. Prioritise it and prioritise Him. Dedicate some time to exercising your gifting everyday. Let God work through you to create beauty and impact in your world. It may not look like it now but it is your gift that will make you great someday. Therein lies your prosperity and legacy.

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