Cold shoulder  – the fashion style not the attitude – is here to stay and I’m greatly enjoying the chagrin of the Sunday morality police. I love it when a generation figuratively gives the “middle finger” to “religion”.

People come to church (and to Jesus) as they are and not how others want them to be.

I think it is presumptive for Christians to take on the role of moral police over a fellow human who belongs to God. We have no locus standi, particularly when we are dealing with an individual who is not under our direct authority.

It is impertinent to assume we can convict anyone better than the Holy Spirit can. The Spirit is so powerfully present in a corporate assembly that he can work in people’s hearts on a custom basis.

When a young Christian or unbeliever comes to church, it took a lot for God to get them there. Satan worked overtime to make sure they didn’t come. If they are looked at with scorn or something is said which prevents them from returning, God will hold us responsible for hindering his work.

God has a plan and programme for everyone. As long as people keep coming to church and hearing God’s word, one day they will grow and drop seemingly childish things.

We mustn’t use our cultural background or limited understanding of grace to judge others. As scripture says, it is the same standard of judgement that we use for others that will end up being used for us. Perhaps, that’s why some people are unhappy and plagued by the feeling that God is condemning them or not pleased with them. It’s because that’s how they also view others.

Those who are humble enough to admit that they’ve been forgiven much, love much, and freely demonstrate that love to others.