Social networks come & go and so does social media relevance. Invariably popularity rises and falls.

From Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat, there’s a simple three-point rule for choosing the social media channel that’s right for you. Yes, you CHOOSE your social media platforms. The platforms do not choose you and you should refrain from jumping on bandwagons. The hottest platform right now may not be right for you or your expressions.

Before you choose a social media channel, consider three things: Crowd, Content and Commitment.

Where is your aggregated crowd or target audience? Which social media platforms do they use? What’s the best format for delivering your content to them? Which platform suits your personality and time constraints? What can you commit to?

For instance, Instagram is perfect for selfie lovers while blogs work better for narrative writers. Facebook is a good platform for community building (think, Humans of New York) while Twitter works for real time audience engagement and breaking news.

Assess the time commitment required to generate content for each platform and what is required to engage with your audience.

I love to write but do not always have the time for blogging. However, Twitter helps me to push out bite-size pieces of knowledge I can later convert to long form blog posts. This article began life as a Tweet Storm, for example.

Finally, be flexible. Be open to learning how to use new publishing tools or channels if you discover your audience uses them. Also, as much as possible, present your content in the most compelling way you can.

I wish you success on your social media journey.

Social networks come & go and so does social media relevance. Popularity rises and falls. Click To Tweet