Why Do You Serve God?

Anytime I witness a debate about “Eternal Salvation”, I am less concerned about the theological debates, than a realisation that many Christians do not love God. They are not in love with him. Rather, they serve him because they are afraid of hell, curses and poverty. They are essentially in an abusive relationship with their creator.[…]

My Rights and Yours

In society, rights inevitably overlap and clash. Simple illustration: you have the right to put a TV programme on the air if you tick the proper regulatory boxes. Similarly, I have the right to lobby to take it off the air if I tick the right legislative boxes. We are both exercising our rights, albeit with[…]

Social Studies

Our parents brought us up the way they were brought up. But we are not bringing up our children the way we were brought up. What changed? If what has changed is culture, media, education, exposure, economy and governance; then are those things stronger than upbringing? If they are, should we dedicate more resources to[…]

Adrenaline Rush

All good things must come to an end. Therein lies the futility of adrenaline rushes and trying to distract loneliness and emptiness with activity and accomplishment. One day you will get tired of activity. Your internal fuel tank will run low and you will stop to ask, “Is this it?”

What Can You Give to God?

Purpose is giving what you have to God. There are some people who will make a big splash in the world. People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey. I am not one of them. What I have is writing. That is my legacy. That is what will live on when I am dead.[…]

Why We Don’t Give

We do not give because we feel we do not have enough in the first place. And, we do not trust God to replace the things we have accumulated and hold dear. Giving has nothing to do with your assessment of how your gift will be used. I find that those who say so, are[…]

Nigerian Marshmallow

James Clear wrote about The Marshmallow Experiment. The experiment began by bringing children into a private room and placing a marshmallow on the table in front of them. At this point, the researcher offered a deal to the child – he was going to leave the room and if the child did not eat the[…]

Business Relevance

To change buying behaviour, businesses should provide an incentive for change. Case in point – airlines that provide cheaper tickets and flash sales to those who book and pay online. The airlines reduce their administrative costs, cut out agent remittances and generate cash flow. Customer gain transparency, speed and cheaper prices. To plan for change,[…]

Business Growth

The reason why a lot of groundbreaking CEOs seem crazy and weird is because it takes a non-conformist to produce the unusual and new. Therefore, to grow your business, the first step is not looking for funding. It is identifying the non-conformists in your organisation and empowering them with four things – a project, a[…]


Why do people keep grudges? I can understand taking time to get over betrayal or abuse. You need time to heal. But why do people remember things like, “They didn’t greet me in the morning”, “They insulted me on social media”, “They gossiped about me”… Aren’t you busy? Don’t you have a job? Isn’t your life[…]