My Life Pattern

When I think of the money I spend on knowledge, I shudder. From books to courses to training, I love to learn and I have studied how knowledge aligns with my life pattern. There’s a book I read that said, if you study your life, you will see patterns in how God deals with you. In[…]

Dawn Treader

I cannot state how important it is for me to wake up before dawn, a few days a week. Having the opportunity to read for hours; to think, to plan and to talk to God is priceless. I prefer morning because everyone else is asleep. I can’t hear cars on the road or generator noises. All[…]

I Need God

I am a high achiever with a very creative mind. I am also a realist. I have learnt that I cannot thrive emotionally or exist in peace, outside of the presence of God. That means I must nurture that presence by spending time with him. In addition, I cannot thrive intellectually or creatively outside of[…]

Stop Worrying!

I’m a worrier and planner. This means I think about what could happen, even if it never happens. I deploy enormous amounts of wasteful emotional energy being prepared for the worst. But, anxiety is counterproductive for a Christian, especially a creative one. Imagination is a major fuel of faith. We “see” possibilities before they become[…]