Social Media Structuring & Ministry

I was privileged to speak at the ministry training workshop of Global Impact Church. Here are my slides from the event. I also shared a sample social media content calendar and task list. Church Social Media Structuring & Ministry from Subomi Plumptre

My Ongoing Thoughts on Nigeria and Yeah…Solutions Too.

Nigeria is beset by two twin problems which have become a cancer in its soul – Iniquity & Inequity. (Where iniquity is a continuing breakdown of law & order and inequity connotes injustice). Over the years, the problems that have come to define the image of our country include 419, Yahoo Yahoo, Terrorism, Sporadic Power[…]

Contemporary Christianity

I’ve been mulling over a lot of issues lately; looking at the lives and hearts of christians and wondering whether we are really any different from unbelievers. I’ve also been reading Ted Dekker’s Slumber of Christianity. I know that the incorruptible seed of God that is in us. Also the righteousness we have in Jesus[…]