My Nairobi Trip

When you take a walk in the Nairobi city centre (along the Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street axis), you enter a time warp. You fast forward to what Nigeria’s Isale Eko and Marina would be like with constant electricity and law & order. In the city centre, there’s a surfeit of multilevel shopping complexes, Bureau[…]

My Trip to Morocco

My trip to Casablanca and Marrakesh, Morocco was a study in cultural contrasts. How Mediterranean, Arabian, Berber and African cultures collide and combine is intriguing. Morocco pretends to be conservative, but at heart, it is very expressive and liberal. The men love women and everyone loves bread. It is not uncommon to find young Moroccans[…]

My Trip to Thailand

My trip to Thailand was my best trip ever. I was overwhelmed by the country’s beauty, industry and possibilities. Let me start my travel journal from the visa process. It was simple. Because I used a tour company, I didn’t need to go the embassy in Abuja. However, I advise you to always check your[…]

Four Russian Cities in Fourteen Days

Sometimes it’s difficult to feel the essence of a country during global celebrations. Everyone is seemingly on their best behaviour, including service providers and law enforcement agents. But, if you talk to enough people who have lived in a country for many years – natives and immigrants alike – you might have a clue. I[…]

What Traveling Taught Me

Traveling has taught me so much. I once went on holiday in Zanzibar. During my stay, I joined a Blue Safari – a combination of beach bumming and snorkeling in the open ocean (followed by a calm lagoon). There I learnt to love my body. I saw women in bikinis and burkinis. I saw people[…]

Life Lessons from the Grand Canyon

I learnt a lot about life from hiking the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Hiking is not a competition. Go at your own pace. In national parks, there are so many routes: scenic, athletic, challenging, photographic, contemplative and lonely trails. Choose what works for you, based on how much time you have to explore and your[…]

My Kaduna Trip

In Kaduna, I stayed at Green Suites, located in a very accessible area of Kaduna town – Barnawa. It’s easily located on Google Maps. The service is okay; the food not so much (too much oil). If you’re familiar with the high prices of hotels in Lagos, then Green Suites will be ultra affordable for[…]

My Calabar Trip

The highlight of my Calabar trip was Kwa Falls. It’s located at Anegeje Village in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State. It takes about forty-five minutes to an hour to get there from town and I went with a group of friends. On arrival, we met the caretaker, a gentleman with incredibly long[…]

Profound Fear

There’s a profound fear that lives in Nigeria. I felt it immediately I landed from a recent trip. It’s the fear of the unknown, which creates an every-man-for-himself and we-must-eat-everything-now mentality. It is the fear of iniquity & lawlessness which makes us clutch our bags a bit tighter and take on a supercilious tone when[…]

Be Kind!

When I travel, there’s this set of people who pretend to know what to do. There’s another set who know what to do but like to remind you that you don’t. They are the ones who always say, “That’s the way it’s done in Paris or New York.” On a recent trip, I experienced the[…]