Psychology of a Sub

A subliminal (sub) is a subtle (or not so subtle) dig at someone on your social media timeline, without mentioning his/her handle. That way, you can deny you were referring to, or even thinking about the person when you delivered it. Every now and then, someone “catches a sub” that’s not meant for them. This[…]


Sometimes, people make it their duty to hurt you and pull you down on social media. They may not be happy that you think independent thoughts or are living the life of their dreams. So they try to bring you down to their level, so they can box you in and control you. They are purveyors of[…]

The Comments Section

There are a few things I’ve observed in the comments section of social media posts, particularly blog posts.   The first, is the relish with which the nameless and faceless insult those they wouldn’t be able to in real life. In some cases, those who know you but are envious of you also take advantage[…]

About Social Media Tools

One of the things I insist on in a social media tool is beauty. Beauty manifests in the aesthetic quality of the user interface and how easy it is to use the tool without reading the tutorial. A year ago, I chose Buffer over Hootsuite for scheduling. Hootsuite had multiple uses and Buffer was a[…]

How to Advertise in Naira on Facebook & Instagram

This video is a step-by-step guide for setting up Naira payments for Facebook Advertising. If this is your first time advertising on Facebook, you may skip to the 6th minute of the video. But if you’ve advertised in dollars before, you need to start from the beginning. Now, please don’t be shy about donating to my coffee fund if[…]

Social Media Arguments

Let me explain something about the quality or lack therein of many social media arguments. They usually go like this: – You have minimal facts about an issue but post, share or comment because it’s trending, sounds sensational or supports an already existing bias. – When you are corrected (and facts are presented), you do[…]

Social Media Structuring & Ministry

I was privileged to speak at the ministry training workshop of Global Impact Church. Here are my slides from the event. I also shared a sample social media content calendar and task list. Church Social Media Structuring & Ministry from Subomi Plumptre

Social Media & the Church: Urgent Imperatives

In this presentation, I describe the importance of social media to the Christian Church. I put forward arguments for engagement, and I demonstrate how churches can engage the public to spread the Good News, using social media platforms. Download the presentation here.

Nigeria, we’ve got a Sexuality Problem!

[Download a PDF of this article] Nigerians are obsessed with sex. We just pretend not to be. In this article, I will talk about porn – Internet porn to be precise (and other ancillary issues). But I do so with a caveat – I do not intend to debate the morality of what adults do[…]

The Nigerian Social Media Code

Thou shalt only write in the most simplistic formats, as your readers may not have the requisite depth to grasp your intent. The audience that extolled you yesterday will readily butcher you tomorrow. Thou shalt not be too controversial or too conventional. Thou shalt tow the middle line so you are no different from anyone[…]