Be Happy!

Happiness is a valid goal. It is neither soft nor flaky, but is the right of everyone who works hard and sows good seeds. For what is achievement without happiness? What is attainment without fulfillment? When the restlessness in your soul comes, when your accomplishments seem empty and pointless, when loneliness stalks you, and disillusionment[…]

Christianity or Secular Humanism (Part 1)

You founded a company and retain a position as Executive Chairman of the Board. You have controlling shares. You’ve crafted a detailed mission & constitution for the organisation and have committed both to the capable hands of Management to execute. Unfortunately, Management consistently ignores your mission, breaks the rules of your corporate charter and repeatedly[…]

Social Media Arguments

Let me explain something about the quality or lack therein of many social media arguments. They usually go like this: – You have minimal facts about an issue but post, share or comment because it’s trending, sounds sensational or supports an already existing bias. – When you are corrected (and facts are presented), you do[…]

Sex & Fame

There are a few things on my mind today. Sex and fame are opportunistic. They come when you least expect them. It stands to reason then, that you shouldn’t wait to decide what to do at the point when either is offered to you. You should develop parameters for your decision-making a long time beforehand.[…]

The Wisdom of God

I don’t know a lot about the worship of God. Perhaps those who lead praise & worship are on more intimate terms with God than I am. I also know little about the fearfulness of God. Pastors probably do, seeing that God is both Father and Boss to them. They must get disciplined more often than I do. My[…]