(Don’t) Shake That Booty!

I watch music videos at the salon. Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t owned a TV in years. Anytime I watch those videos, I realise just how much I have NOT missed. If you watch music visual interpretations regularly, you will be excused for believing sex is the most important thing in the world.[…]

What Would you Give up for Happiness?

Happiness is counter-intuitive. It aspires to be found in the things you give away and not the things you amass. This makes nonsense of humanity’s grasping nature. I’m pondering the things we must give up for happiness. I am asking questions. Are you willing to give up your independence so the Holy Spirit can build[…]

Be Kind!

When I travel, there’s this set of people who pretend to know what to do. There’s another set who know what to do but like to remind you that you don’t. They are the ones who always say, “That’s the way it’s done in Paris or New York.” On a recent trip, I experienced the[…]

My Vacation Thoughts

1. Little things delight me – like double sided keys and phones that turn into remote controls. 2. You can have the kind of relationship with God that you want. You don’t need to develop one that looks like anyone else’s. Begin by spending consistent & predictable time with God and talking to him with sincerity. Tell[…]

Preemptive Friendship

I learnt something a few days ago – never wait to be asked, to demonstrate friendship to friends. Just be there for them. You don’t need a special occasion. If they come to mind, pray for them. If they want to talk, call them. If they need you to be there, show up.

Atheistic Thoughts: Faith, Reason & Science

Atheism may well be on its way to becoming the new cool religion. Its evangelists have constituted a vocal minority of well learned scientists and humanists seeking to define the parameters of truth and reality. But, religion goes beyond spirituality alone. It is a deep rooted ideology that guides action. It is a worldview capable[…]

Christmas: The Loneliest Time of the Year

Some people will be alone this Christmas. I speak from experience. I once spent Christmas at home alone with Twenty Two Naira to my name. It isn’t everyone who has a home town to go to or even a family to speak of. Some are recently bereaved; others have relocated. Some have no close friends[…]

Separation of Business & Faith?

I would like to tell you something about God. He is kind, gracious and loving. He gives gifts freely. But he also has a plan for the world and for your life that he’s actively pursuing. Money, power and influence are all tools of engagement on the earth. But in business, we are taught to[…]

Be Happy!

Happiness is a valid goal. It is neither soft nor flaky, but is the right of everyone who works hard and sows good seeds. For what is achievement without happiness? What is attainment without fulfillment? When the restlessness in your soul comes, when your accomplishments seem empty and pointless, when loneliness stalks you, and disillusionment[…]

Christianity or Secular Humanism (Part 2)

[This article is for those who subscribe to the Christian faith. It would be completely out of context for those who don’t. Please read part 1 first.] As a Christian, you’ve got to decide if you believe what God says about himself in the Bible or if you have your own version of him. You’ve[…]