Own Your Ideas

Sometimes when you’re in a brainstorm session at work, after many hours, an idea is finally adopted. To your surprise, it’s the same idea you mooted hours before that everyone ignored. Now the same idea has been selected but no one remembers you were the first person to raise it. You don’t receive the credit.[…]

Nigeria Will Outlive Us All

Nations have a way of outliving us all. Nationhood doesn’t just happen. It is created by a group of crafty, intelligent, ruthless and determined men & women. Until nations are deliberately formed, they subsist lethargically, waiting for dreamers and opportunists to die. Nations age in generations. Humans age in years. So, it is foolhardy to[…]

Why We Must Not Do Evil

One depressing thing about Nigeria is how more often than not, evil triumphs over good. Nice people seem to finish last. Life isn’t fair and time & chance happen to all but, inequity seems more prevalent in Nigeria than in other climes. Those who work hard look stupid, as they watch the cunning & connected[…]

Choose To Submit

If you are very intelligent, you need to choose submission as a way of life. Extreme intellect is rare, so you will not always have the luxury of working with or being led by your equals or people who are more intelligent than you. So, you must choose to submit. I know you think you[…]

Bush Meat Becomes The Hunter

Five years ago, I met a man who said he didn’t understand why women were complaining about the world. Why they seemed so bitter. He was quite happy to live in a man’s world. It worked for him. This year, he complained about the dating scene and how women had changed. I refrained from asking[…]

Age Is Not Wisdom

A reason why age comes with experience is because, you’ll have multiple adventures over a long period of time. This gives you the ability to spot patterns and form inferences. Hence, wisdom. Some young people have had successive experiences within a short span of time and so, are more experienced than many older people. They’ve[…]

You Can Be Introverted & Successful

I think it’s important to know that you can be deeply introverted like me, without being shy or self-deprecating. A long time ago, I realised that I would be poor and led by fools, if I continued to be shy. I needed to speak up about my ideas and ideology. I needed to be bold[…]

Africa is Laughing at Nigeria

The rest of Africa is laughing at Nigeria. On developmental indices, the items we continue to boast about are population, GDP and natural resources. Without education, electricity, health, justice and equity, of what use are those things? What is our GDP per capita (which is a measure of the wealth of citizens)? It is because[…]

Subomi, Do You Cook?

“Sho, do you cook?” my date asked. I replied jauntily, “I used to but not anymore. I now have access to a chef and can afford to order what I like eating.” My date followed up by asking, “If your boyfriend asked you to cook for him, would you?” I grinned, as I realised my[…]


I attend a youth church in Lagos, even though I’m not technically a youth. I chose it for two reasons – It’s close by and its culture is such that I can wear my shorts & slippers in peace, if I choose to. But, to get to the church, I must pass another assembly on[…]