Beard Gang Fall On Me

One of the most powerful triggers for infidelity is the intrinsic human desire for newness. It’s called the Coolidge Effect. According to Wikipedia, the Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon seen in animal species whereby males (and to a lesser extent females) exhibit renewed sexual interest if introduced to new receptive sexual partners. Simply put, humans[…]

We Failed Nigeria

In moments of brutal honesty, I acknowledge that Nigeria didn’t fail my generation. We failed her. Historically, there have been other nations that were just as bad as Nigeria, yet their people turned them around. Perhaps we should admit that we do not possess the character, insight, wisdom, networks, power, money and even luck, needed[…]

Nigeria’s HR Problem is Your Problem!

On Nigerian Twitter, there’s always one controversy or the other, about the poor quality of Nigerian graduates and their misplaced sense of entitlement. May I offer a perspective? Perhaps the entitlement mentality of the younger generation, springs from seeing their forebears rewarded for patronage, ethnicity, nepotism and corruption; instead of hard work. The reasoning thus goes, “If[…]

Some Life Lessons

Invest fast. Sleep less. Be daring. For every American or European platform that rejects you because you are Nigerian, there is a cheaper and more welcoming Asian option. Read. Read. Read. Refuse to work with people who are unreliable and slow. Carry God along as you plan. Don’t leave him behind. Spiritual power and grace are[…]

I Used to Drink…

I grew up in a time when professing Christianity, meant you stopped smoking, drinking, fornicating and clubbing. So quite a few church testimonies began with, “I used to drink but…” I drink and occasionally go clubbing with friends. I know several other Christians who do. So, I wonder what the standard of our transformation is. When many people[…]

I Don’t Hustle

I am not a hustler. The moment work becomes mind-numbing, repetitive, hard and unfulfilling, I know something is very wrong. I never want to exist on a treadmill of creating wealth. There should come a time in life, when one’s basic needs are met and everything else becomes about other people. It’s not about being charitable. It’s about[…]

Why am I Different?

I am fascinated by the biblical character called, Ruth. She was a Moabitess who married a Jew. When her husband died, she moved to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi; leaving culture, family and gods behind. The last item is telling. Those who lived in Canaan were fascinated by gods – Israelites and foreigners alike. The[…]

Issa New Year!

Last year, I became afraid of God’s casual statements. Afraid in an exciting and wondrous way. My relationship with God is simplistic. When I need to discuss something important, I spend quality time with him. I read the Bible and while doing so, God speaks to me. I also talk to him in the stillness[…]