Long-term Planning or Short-term “Hammering”?

One of the greatest investment lessons I have imbibed, is the value of long-term thinking. If you want to create enduring wealth, think in 5-year, 10-year or even 15-year horizons. Don’t be fixated on immediate returns alone. Imagine if parents hadn’t held on to land or stocks for decades. What would the value of their[…]

How to Open a Money Market Fund Account

In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of opening a money market fund account with Stanbic IBTC. Before I begin, you should probably read this article, which explains what a money market fund account is. In summary, the fund comprises guaranteed investments like Treasury Bills and is managed by professional fund managers. It[…]

Focused Wealth

I have a diverse network, thanks to social media. I know incredible people that I first met online. Some of them are accomplished investors. There’s a gentleman who’s focused on venture funding in the renewable energy sector. My eyes glaze over when he goes on and on about turbines, solar panels and the projects he’s[…]

Some Lessons About Money

Money is not meant to be kept in a bank account (besides running expenses). It’s either supposed to be actively working to create wealth or to positively impact the world. Those that are wealthy and happy know this. Money is a means to an end. The reason why many malfunction when they see money is,[…]

Should You Invest in Treasury Bills?

Every now and then, people ask me how to invest in Treasury Bills. I respond by asking if they have heard of Money Market Funds. In this article, I explain both investment options and leave you to make an informed decision. You should make investment decisions based on information, your risk profile and investment objectives.[…]

I Don’t Hustle

I’m not a hustler. The moment work becomes mind-numbing, repetitive, excessively hard and unfulfilling, I know something is wrong. I don’t want to exist on a treadmill of money making. There should come a time when basic needs are met, and everything else becomes about other people. It’s not just about being charitable. It’s about preserving peace[…]

Thoughts on Cryptocurrency

A look at Google’s top inquiries of 2017, shows that “How to Buy Bitcoin”, came third globally. This surge of interest and the actions that followed, explain why global cryptocurrency exchanges are overwhelmed and why new member verifications, deposits & withdrawals are slow. Meanwhile, those who invested early, have since recovered their principal and made significant returns. Cryptocurrency[…]

Investors Don’t Fund Ideas

Investors and banks don’t fund ideas. They invest in going concerns and buy equity in businesses that have been prototyped, and have a proven business model & market. Friends, family members, philanthropists, grant making organisations and competitions fund ideas. If you’re an early stage business, stop looking for investors or loans. Register for grants, from[…]

Don’t Wait Too Long to Create Wealth

Dear friends, if you recently graduated, or have worked for less than 10 years, you should know a few things. Nigeria is hard and few people will give you free access to wealth creation opportunities. You also have the “cabal” and the system to contend with. If you are not corrupt, you will be hard-pressed[…]

Intelligent But Not Rich

Someone asked a very important question, “Why are you intelligent but not rich?” Here is my answer. I am intelligent but not rich, because I was too busy using my brain to build a business, when the same brain could ALSO have been used for investing. The opportunities to make money were not hidden. They[…]