Can Churches Provide Safe Spaces?

When people began to advocate for safe spaces in Nigeria for those dealing with depression, I could relate. I remembered reading about neighbourhood community centres in the US. In some US states where kids are at risk of suicide or gang initiation, the community leaders realised something. Many children do not turn to gangs or[…]

Are Pastors the Problem With Christianity?

I’m beginning to think that almost every social media complaint that begins with “The Church”, actually means, “The Pastor”. Part of the problem is what I call the “inversion” of Christianity. Physical churches are meant to serve as training grounds that equip saints for the work of the ministry, in the world. Instead, they seem[…]

Religion Is Not Required For Good Governance

I had lunch with my Pastor the other day. We discussed many things, including my growing skepticism about the traditional structure of church. I mentioned that I would no longer attend church regularly, as I took some personal time to examine my relationship with Christ, outside church walls. At some point in our lunch date,[…]

Gender Wars

There must be a reason why God made man, both male and female. There’s a reason x and y chromosomes interact to produce different genders. There’s a reason the Church is referred to as a woman. There’s also a reason why in the body of Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, Male nor Female.[…]

The King is my Dad

I’ve stopped thinking it odd that I can’t relate to 90% of worship music. Apart from the fact that African sing-songing, negro spirituals and soft white rock aren’t my default musical genres, I think the “problem” is how I met God. I didn’t meet God as “God”. I met him as a friend. I don’t[…]

I Need to Make Progress

God, I need to make progress. I want to press forward. I am tired of standing still. I am weary of hoping for the best. I no longer want frenetic activity with no result. I don’t want to be like a swimmer who flails around with no forward movement. I need change. God, show me a[…]

More on Retail Christianity

I love sci-fi. I believe in the inviolability of the human will. I don’t think God can be fully understood. He doesn’t seem restricted to labels or boxes. One thing that fascinates me about God, is his omnipresence. Just as God is developing a distinct history with me; he is chronicling another with someone in Germany[…]

God Let’s Talk For A Minute

When I ask you for healing, I don’t want to feel like a beggar, God. I don’t want to plead or to be at the edge of my seat, in hope. Children don’t beg their fathers for life. Treats maybe, but not permission to live. Lord, when Jesus shed his blood and exchanged his for[…]

God Is Excited At The Thought Of You

There are two songs that I have on repeat – Cory Asbury’s Reckless Love and Steffany Gretzinger’s Pieces. These songs intrigue me because they speak about two sides of God’s love. Cory sings about redemptive love. It is the love that Francine Rivers tried to capture in her book, Redeeming Love. It says that no[…]

You Should Give Up

A friend recently wrote about the value of giving up. Sometimes, you do so to restrategise, or so you can live to fight another day. In the same week, another friend tweeted about his struggle to finish books and that he had many half-read tomes. I responded, “Life’s too short to finish a book that’s not[…]