Business Needn’t Be Cold

A dear friend says I take business personally. It is true. I am passionate about the things I do. It’s in my DNA. A long time ago, I realised there were already enough cold businessmen in the world. The world didn’t need another one. There’s too much hardness in the world, so let business be[…]

You Need Intellect in Business

Everyday in business, I realise that there are some deals that hustling and charisma will not deliver. You need brute intellect and an appreciation for numbers to do a great job. Process simplifies business, but business can still be very complex and convoluted. It takes an orderly mind to unravel it, especially in financial services.[…]

We Must Produce the Next Generation of Leaders

When I began working, I took a career personality test called Creatrix Inventory. It revealed I was a Practicalizer. A Practicalizer loves to get things done. But, in a bid for speed, they sacrifice excellence on the altar of good. So, they fall short of true brilliance. A few years after, I repeated the test.[…]

Read a Lot and Take Work Home

Here’s some personal advice if you’ve just begun working. Know that, you cannot afford to work at work alone. You should work from home too. Do so, and your supervisor will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your preparedness and the depth of ideas that were cooked at home. This means the value of[…]

Pay Attention to How Customers Use Your Brand

Two years ago, I read an article about the media company, ABC. They discovered that a significant number of viewers watched their hit show, Scandal, while concurrently tweeting about it. I discovered a similar phenomenon, when I watched the live broadcast of The Experience Lagos concert, on YouTube. For some reason, instead of watching the[…]

My Innovation Secrets

I have learnt a few valuable lessons about innovation, some of which you already know. I would like to share a few of them. 1. I once failed SSCE Math. I scored an A the second time around, because I learnt something that has never left me. If I read and think about something repetitively, I will eventually spot[…]

Economy of Decentralisation

Because of the work I do with blockchain technology and social media, I am keenly aware, that one of the world’s most disruptive forces is decentralisation. Decentralisation is the ability to create, distribute, store and get rewarded for content and information, without recourse to central authorities. It’s about a reliance on voluntary collaborative networks, for data validation[…]

Brand Power

I recently commented on a friend’s social media wall, about whether Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) would lose customers to other banks, over its recent spat with Innoson Motors. Here are my thoughts. I’ve used GTBank’s and other banks’ e-channels. GTBank’s is better. What banks fail to realise is that, if a brand is not technologically superior, this generation won’t[…]

Generational Succession

“And Joshua son of Nun, the servant of the Lord, died, being 110 years old. And they buried him within the boundary of his inheritance in Timnath-heres in the hill country of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash. And also all that generation were gathered to their fathers, and there arose another generation after them who[…]

Investors Don’t Fund Ideas

Investors and banks don’t fund ideas. They invest in going concerns and buy equity in businesses that have been prototyped, and have a proven business model & market. Friends, family members, philanthropists, grant making organisations and competitions fund ideas. If you’re an early stage business, stop looking for investors or loans. Register for grants, from[…]