Brand Power

I recently commented on a friend’s social media wall, about whether Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) would lose customers to other banks, over its recent spat with Innoson Motors. Here are my thoughts. I’ve used GTBank’s and other banks’ e-channels. GTBank’s is better. What banks fail to realise is that, if a brand is not technologically superior, this generation won’t[…]

Trust Equity

There are different measures of trust. Sometimes, they help you to uncover who your current friends and future business partners are. There are people you cannot leave alone in a room with your phone, or sit across the table from with an open letter. Their eyes will stray. They are snitches and busybodies who lack discretion.[…]

What I Do for a Living

I recently summarised what I do for a Facebook Group I belong to. Here it is: I do many things well. I lead brand and social media strategy at Alder Consulting. I publish cultural and social media research for corporations and churches. I help startups develop corporate and product strategy. One of the startups I invested[…]

In-Store or Online Shopping?

I’m keenly watching Amazon (2016 Market Cap: $471b; Revenue: $136b; Assets: $83b) and Walmart (Market Cap: $237b; Revenue: $486b; Assets: $199b). I’d like to see whose model wins the retail wars – online, in-store or a perfect blend of both. Online shopping is convenient & habitual and focuses on near-limitless choice. In-store shopping is experiential.[…]

What’s Your Brand?

I recently contributed my token to Rihanna’s empire by buying some Fenty makeup. It hit me just how scientific brand extensions are. They are not random. The most successful brand extensions reflect an individual’s or company’s core personality and what they are associated with. Rihanna is regularly complimented on her beauty, so it made sense[…]