Say No to Bullies

Your self-esteem and confidence are priceless.

As you journey through life, people will try to manipulate you by appealing to your need for approval or by knocking your confidence. They will use social pressure to make you appear stupid and uncool. In some cases, they will even try to pull you into their own warped drama or make you play by their scripts. Don’t give in. They are bullies.

A while ago, I went to say hello to a new foreign friend who lived abroad, but was visiting Nigeria for the first time. He was staying in a hotel and asked if I could come up to his room. I demurred, saying I loved the music in the lobby bar and would like to meet there instead. Now, I’m not the overly cautious type. If a guy invites me to his room, I won’t immediately assume he’s planning something sinister. I also believe in a person’s right to ask for sex and my right to say no. But this guy kept insisting I come up. I tried to find out if he was feeling poorly or was too tired to come to the bar. He assured me he was fit. At that point, my brain kicked in.

I thought, “Dude, I walked in with my own two legs. I drove the length of 3rd Mainland Bridge to be here. I am your guest. If you are more concerned about the venue of the meeting than the meeting itself, then the same legs that brought me also know the way back.”

He called me when I was already halfway home.

In life, you must develop the ability to say, “No.”

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