Why You Need Health Insurance

My recent medical adventure means I’ve accessed healthcare in four countries, including Nigeria. Along the way, I have formed some personal opinions about healthcare in Nigeria. I suspect that when Nigerians say older doctors in Teaching Hospitals are the “best”, this is what they mean – the doctors have seen thousands of cases before, and[…]

You Gave Me Too Much Change

When I was growing up, I was taught that if you went to a store to buy something and you were given excess change, you returned it. In the same vein, if you overpaid, an honest cashier would return the extra to you. Honesty wasn’t something you rationalised. It was hard coded into your DNA[…]

My Trip to Thailand

My trip to Thailand was my best trip ever. I was overwhelmed by the country’s beauty, industry and possibilities. Let me start my travel journal from the visa process. It was simple. Because I used a tour company, I didn’t need to go the embassy in Abuja. However, I advise you to always check your[…]


A while ago, Twitter was agog over an author who falsely accused a more accomplished one of plagiarism. After being caught in the error, she gave a grudging apology that smacked of desperate self-preservation. I think the enormity of her gaffe finally dawned on her and she sought a way out. Twitter gave her none.[…]

Own Your Ideas

Sometimes when you’re in a brainstorm session at work, after many hours, an idea is finally adopted. To your surprise, it’s the same idea you mooted hours before that everyone ignored. Now the same idea has been selected but no one remembers you were the first person to raise it. You don’t receive the credit.[…]