Why am I Unhappy?

I’ve been unhappy for days. While I’m not gung-ho or happy-go-lucky, I have an equilibrium that has developed over years. When my parents died, God stood between me and my grief. I could sense him lurking about. His presence has a way of calming me. As I studied the Bible, I found daily devotionals formulaic,[…]

People are Breaking Every Day

People are breaking every day. There’s a young man who thought he’d escaped poverty when he got a good job. Now, his retired parent has been diagnosed with cancer. He’s the only one of his siblings who earns an income. And so, he has become his parent’s health insurance. Every month, he pays hospital bills.[…]

Unchoose Religion

Daughter: Daddy, the couple we just had dinner with; are they your friends? Dad: Yes, they are. Daughter: Are they good people? Dad: Yes, my child. Daughter: Respectable? Dad: Yes. If the two of them weren’t so, I wouldn’t have invited them into our home. Daughter: Do they practice any form of religion? Dad: Yes,[…]