The Love Prayer

Dear Father, please help us to value love. May we cherish it like a most precious thing. Expand hearts and renew minds to receive the capacity to preserve love. Give us the wisdom to defend love – from friends, family, convention and harmful ideologies. May we not be careless or treat that which is valuable[…]

Why I’m Writing A Will

My dad died without a Will. My mom too. Every day, I bless God for the lives they lived and for the family I was raised in. You see, my dad in particular, was one of the most structured human beings I’ve known. Because he’d had some health challenges before his death, he made his[…]

The Businessman’s Prayer

Lord in my business, help me to use wisdom instead of craftiness; suasion instead of manipulation. May those who accuse me of using my heart instead of my head, be confounded by the financial fruits of my heart. Lord, please let me be chased by those who desire competence and integrity. May my customers forever[…]

The Social Media Prayer

Lord, please help people to find light on social media. Direct them to timelines of encouragement, inspiration and healing. May they encounter spaces of reason, intellect, imagination and possibilities. Father, deliver your children from content that is angry, profane and empty. Save them from compulsive consumption that leads to depression and hopelessness. Father, help someone[…]

48 Laws Of Power & Other Matters

I have met many who have lost their way in Nigeria. People who have given up on values and embraced manipulation instead. It would appear they share a few sentiments in common – anger, envy, bitterness and helplessness, closely followed by desperation and rebellion. The break down often starts like this: You do everything right,[…]