Dangers Of Mentoring

Unless they are life coaches, therapists or very wise, many mentors cannot help their mentees to see multiple paths to their life goals. Usually, the mentors can only model what they know – their own paths and decisions. Unfortunately, those things may not be right for a mentee. They may then spend years erroneously applying[…]

Time To Grow Up!

Three things define most adults: 1. The capacity to make decisions 2. The character to accept the consequences of decisions 3. The ability to take care of yourself Sadly, many never complete the transition from childhood to adulthood. Like the Biblical Adam, who without a trace of irony, told God it was the woman he[…]

Toxic Religion

Here are a few characteristics of toxic religion: 1. Lack of intellect and a non-intelligent approach to knowledge and the world around you. 2. Absence of a personal and present relationship with God. A disproportionate focus on communal comparative behaviour. 3. Excessive guilt and self-condemnation. 4. Fear.  5. An inordinate focus on works and the[…]

Pursuit of Happiness

Living in a great nation (or having money) may not make you happy. In his book, Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari does a better job of providing data points to support this, than I can. (See Chapter One, sub-section, The Right to Happiness.) What living in a great nation does, is to give you peace,[…]

Mentor not Master

As a mentor, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is, it’s not your dream or life. Don’t stop your mentees from trying things, even if they fail. Your mentees have motivations you don’t have. They see things about their dreams that you can’t see. Let them take in your advice[…]

What Would Happen?

When I was in University, I led a choir for a few years. One of my duties was leading Praise & Worship every now and then. During the week, I would sometimes ask God what songs to sing. He would give me a playlist of specific tunes. I discovered that any time I asked for[…]

My Mind

My mind is my greatest strength. It is also my prominent weakness. I have a compulsive personality. IQ tests say I’m gifted. Personality tests reveal I’m rare. I am constantly seeking for logic, order and meaning in things. The other day, my friend and I went to see a Nollywood movie and she was wondering[…]

Leadership & Succession

Output is a referendum on process. It is difficult to judge the quality of a leader outside of the quality of their followers. That’s why I’m careful about wearing the toga of leadership or applying it to others. Our results should speak instead. It appears the world has many project & product managers but fewer[…]