No One Will Fix Nigeria For Us

Sometimes when I’m very ill, I have terrible dystopian dreams. I visualise war and intense violence. I have hallucinations. When I wake, I imagine I’m still in the world created by my dreams. Now that the episodes have occurred a few times, my rational mind recognises that world is not real. I know that once[…]

You Are Enough

You should stop trying to be someone else. Let it go. That unrealistic target is not happening. Become the best you instead. Who said you aren’t enough? Who said you aren’t sexy, intelligent, cool or desirable? Who you are is glorious. Your life stands for something. You are important enough to exist. You are significant[…]

Acts of Service

I’ve heard women multitask better than men. I’ve not read the research, so I will assume there’s some truth to it. I think I multitask better than many women, because of my project management background and executive experience. My mind is programmed to get shit done. One of my love languages is Acts of Service,[…]

Switch Off!

Please take care of your head and heart. Before the advent of social media and mobile phones, we would receive bad news and negativity in small doses. Perhaps in the daily papers, on network news or in person. Our souls had time to process information and the space to heal. Now, we receive turmoil and[…]

Focused Wealth

I have a diverse network, thanks to social media. I know incredible people that I first met online. Some of them are accomplished investors. There’s a gentleman who’s focused on venture funding in the renewable energy sector. My eyes glaze over when he goes on and on about turbines, solar panels and the projects he’s[…]

My Love Language

Today, I had a startling insight. My love language isn’t gifts. It’s quality time and words – unhurried conversation and words of affirmation. The type of conversation where you’re falling asleep, but I keep plying you with coffee because I’m enjoying your company so much. My attraction for a person seems directly proportional to the[…]

The King is my Dad

I’ve stopped thinking it odd that I can’t relate to 90% of worship music. Apart from the fact that African sing-songing, negro spirituals and soft white rock aren’t my default musical genres, I think the “problem” is how I met God. I didn’t meet God as “God”. I met him as a friend. I don’t[…]