My Trip to Morocco

My trip to Casablanca and Marrakesh, Morocco was a study in cultural contrasts. How Mediterranean, Arabian, Berber and African cultures collide and combine is intriguing. Morocco pretends to be conservative, but at heart, it is very expressive and liberal. The men love women and everyone loves bread. It is not uncommon to find young Moroccans[…]

Ask Me Anything Part 3

I held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter. This is part three of the transcript. You may start from part one here. Q: What book(s) would you recommend on entrepreneurship? Also any books on teaching females in secondary schools on entrepreneurship? A: I can’t remember the last book I read on entrepreneurship. I[…]

Ask Me Anything Part 2

I held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter. This is the continuation of the transcript. You may read part one here. Q: What keeps you motivated? A: I don’t want to be insignificant. Disliking poverty also helps. I discovered that money can buy me the freedom to do what I really love, instead of[…]

Ask Me Anything Part 1

I held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter. Here’s the transcript. Q: What’s the most important advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur starting his/her first business? A: Start early. Build your seed investment from your first job or from parents/friends and start early. Q: What are the things you wish you had[…]

The Love Prayer

Dear Father, please help us to value love. May we cherish it like a most precious thing. Expand hearts and renew minds to receive the capacity to preserve love. Give us the wisdom to defend love – from friends, family, convention and harmful ideologies. May we not be careless or treat that which is valuable[…]

Why I’m Writing A Will

My dad died without a Will. My mom too. Every day, I bless God for the lives they lived and for the family I was raised in. You see, my dad in particular, was one of the most structured human beings I’ve known. Because he’d had some health challenges before his death, he made his[…]

The Businessman’s Prayer

Lord in my business, help me to use wisdom instead of craftiness; suasion instead of manipulation. May those who accuse me of using my heart instead of my head, be confounded by the financial fruits of my heart. Lord, please let me be chased by those who desire competence and integrity. May my customers forever[…]

Scripture, Minds and Hearts

People sometimes wonder why I have the kind of insights I do. I don’t know if they’ll believe me if I say, it’s largely due to reading the Bible. After all, many uninsightful people read the Bible too. I’ve realised that it’s actually the “way” I read the Bible – my underlying intellect, ideologies and[…]

The Social Media Prayer

Lord, please help people to find light on social media. Direct them to timelines of encouragement, inspiration and healing. May they encounter spaces of reason, intellect, imagination and possibilities. Father, deliver your children from content that is angry, profane and empty. Save them from compulsive consumption that leads to depression and hopelessness. Father, help someone[…]

Nigeria is Changing…Really?! 🙄

One of the reasons why I visit developed countries is I’m fascinated by good. I am captivated by beauty, knowledge and order. Like Aristotle once argued, knowledge can be an end in itself and can provide joy in itself. Developed nations understand that. Libraries are not wasted spaces. They exist to both delight and train[…]