This is a summary of a Twebinar held on January 5, 2013 @subomiplumptre.  It is part of a series tagged #PMNG (Project Management Nigeria) which holds every first Saturday of the month on Twitter.

Welcome to 2013: The Year of Collaboration. If your idea, product, project or business has made it this far, it deserves to go much further.

Today I’ll spend a little time talking about collaboration and how it can propel your idea or business.  Then, I’ll take questions.

In 2013, your speed of innovation will explode as you increase your capacity by collaborating with new people. Emphasis on the word, NEW.  Think of it as a network of computers. Many brains processing an idea from different perspectives, not just yours.

This year, use Social Networks to meet new people who can be useful to your project. It’s cheap and the barrier to entry is low.  Sometimes, people may ignore you at first, but let the brilliance of your contributions set you apart on their Timelines.  Like in the real world, a MENTION or REFERENCE by the right person online can get you noticed by the RIGHT people.

Use Social Networks to collaborate with people around the world; people you’d otherwise never be able to work with or meet. Be bold. Be opportunistic even.  But, build offline relationships too. They will require more time & emotional commitment. However, people tend to share more over a drink:)

Attend more hackathons and start-up competitions. Don’t be afraid of your idea getting stolen. Focus on the potential exposure and platform.  At those competitions, seek potential partnerships with people who have skills you don’t currently have: Marketing, business development etc.

2013 will be a year of crowdsourced skills, ideas & talent. But whoever adds value; bring ideas to market will make money.  Anyone can have an idea, but it takes an ORGANISATION no matter how basic to effectively bring it to market. This year, organise and structure.

Your best collaborators will be those who work well online: by email, skype, chat etc. Those that are very tech-friendly. They’ll save you time & money on projects.

In 2013, begin your search for a SUCCESSOR. You can’t dream and grow big without a very competent backup.

Use celebrations to launch important ideas. Turn your next birthday into a product launch. Everyone’s already there. Why waste it?

Talk more. Your most unusual ideas will come from conversations. Strike up a conversation about your product with an interesting person on your timeline, for example.

Choose a partner the same way you’d choose a spouse or significant other. If you’re smart enough to choose a significant other, you can choose a credible business partner.

Be ready to give out equity in 2013. Focus on being a part of something great and not a full owner of nothing.

Buy wisdom and sell it not. Be ready to swap equity for intellectual contributions. Wisdom is the principal thing and should command monetary value.  This is the year where agreements have to be clearly spelt out. Hire a good Lawyer. Don’t be cheap.

Don’t be grasping. Give people more than they contributed to the venture. This builds tremendous goodwill for future projects.

This is the year of shared office space, shared energy costs, shared staff costs. It’s the year of the shoe-string budget start up.  In-kind payments will become more common e.g. a Lawyer paying his Accountant with legal services.

Volunteerism will also rise as people work together to make their world better.  Spend a few weeks working or volunteering outside your industry. The experience and perspectives gained will be invaluable.

To view Questions & Answers from this session, kindly visit the Storify page at http://storify.com/subomiplumptre/pmng-project-management-nigeria