What if?


You don’t pray because you think,
“God is not listening. He doesn’t care. He won’t answer.”

You say,
“I’m unworthy. I’m a sinner. It’s too big.
It’s impossible or highly unlikely. The process is too complex.
He hasn’t done it for anyone I know before.”

But what if none of these things was true? What if God loved you and was waiting to hear from you? What if all you needed was the tiniest bit of faith in him? What if you could really have what you wanted?

What if?

In a previous article, I wrote about the confusion and betrayal I feel when God
A few years ago, my church at the time chose to focus on prayer. For
People cry for help all the time but we assume they'll get over it or someone
To those who do honest work, yet do not always receive a reward commensurate to

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